COVID-19 Resources​​


ASHE has created a resource page to assist health care facilities professionals in their efforts to reduce the spread of COVID-19. The resources cover critical operations such as air quality, safety and security, emergency preparedness and infection prevention. The page will be updated as new information becomes available. 

Please bookmark this page and check back often as they continue to update this information as needed.
Free Webinar, April 2nd at 2pm EST 
"Coronavirus: Managing COVID-19 in Facilities"
Coronavirus Solutions & Resources from Pure Air Controls:     
CORS-Air Room Pressure Monitor:
Room Pressure Monitoring
ARC Facilities: COVID-19 CDC Health and Wellness POSTERS
To support Healthcare facilities during this critical time, ARC Facilities has made available a variety of laminated CDC health and wellness posters in a variety of sizes and languages, which can be ordered via ARC Document Solutions, at cost. ​
Use Promo Code: BeHealthy to get this exclusive pricing.
Order posters here.     
Temporary Healthcare Facilities Products
from Leviton:
COVID-19 Surge Management Resources from Paladin Healthcare LLC:
ICU Upgrade 2020.pdf
Immediately Manage COVID 19 Anywhere.pdf

Gordian: Access ezIQC in Florida

Takeform: COVID19 blog  
STARC Systems: COVID-19 Containment Solutions
COVID-19 Slides - STARC an essential solution.pdf
Petroluem Recovery Services:
2020 COVID 19 - PRS.pdf

FHEA does not endorse nor take a professional position on any of the provided information.