Codes & Standards

  1. AHCA Life Safety Survey Information
    Posted July 2019
  2. AHCA Top Six Issues
    Posted July 2019
  1. NFPA 1 Fire Department
    Florida Fire Code Existing Buildings Timetable
  2. Top Ten
    Life Safety Deficiency Citations
  3. Radio Coverage Requirements
    Florida Fire Prevention Code Matrix to determine need for in-building fire department radio coverage
  1. Joint Commission Standards Revisions
  2. Joint Commission
    Life Safety Standards Revisions November 2017
  3. Joint Commission Times Defined
  4. NFPA Codes
    Most Relevant NFPA Codes and Standards Adopted by the State of FL (effective 12/31/2017)
  5. CMS
    Revised clarification on Legionella - CMS July 6, 2018
  6. Joint Commission
    Publishes Survey Activity Guide