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Our Objectives
Membership Requirements
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Certified Healthcare Engineer Requirements
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Our Mission Statement
The mission of Florida Healthcare Engineering Association is to promote the professional role of the healthcare engineer and advance the development of healthcare engineering through effective communication, educational opportunities and establishment of professional standards.
Our Objectives
Promote the recognition of the professional role of healthcare engineers throughout Florida Hospitals.
Assist in the professional growth and development of its members.
Provide a network of effective communication to facilitate the exchange of information, ideas and experiences.
Provide a variety of education opportunities through seminars, workshops, business meetings, trade shows and training programs.
Serve as an information resources through newsletters and other printed materials.
Establish and maintain a high standard of integrity, proficiency and professionalism in the healthcare engineering field.
Establish and promote relationships with other professionals of businesses, organizations or agencies that are related to healthcare engineering.
Encourage all interested and qualified engineers to become members of Florida Healthcare Engineers Association.
Provide an organization structure at district and state levels.
Membership Requirements
FULL: Full membership is available to individuals who are actively employed in a Florida healthcare related facility or system (that provides patient care) and who have supervisory, management or administrative responsibilities for healthcare facility operations. Full members may vote and hold office in the association.
ASSOCIATE: Associate membership is available to individuals who are actively employed in a Florida healthcare related facility or system (that provides patient care) and who hold positions in departments that relate to healthcare facilities operations such as but not limited to plant operations, plant engineering, design/construction, security, safety, clinical engineering or telecommunications. They may vote but may not hold office.
SUPPORTING: Supporting membership is available to individuals who represent firms which provide products and/or services to Florida healthcare facilities, i.e., representatives or manufactures, vendors, contractors, distributors, registered architects, professional engineers and consultants. Supporting membership is limited to one member per firm for each district They may not vote or hold office.
All memberships are subject to approval by meeting the requirements of the Association's bylaws.
Full and Associate Benefits
bullet Recognition of the Healthcare Engineering Professional
bullet Professional Growth and Development
bullet Educational Opportunities
bullet Informational Resources
bullet Career Building and Advancement
bullet Professional Certification
bullet Association with other Professionals
bullet Interrelationships with other Healthcare Engineers
bullet Professional Membership
bullet Professional Organization Structure
Certified Healthcare Engineer Requirements
Certified Healthcare Engineering (CHE) certification is available to all full members who meet established standards or proficiency, development and continuing education.








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